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Thank you for wanting to take part in the LUGs resource project. There are numbers of ways that individuals, LUGs, and sponsors can get involved. By working together we should be able to provide priceless resources for both new LUGs and existing to help them become stronger and an even bigger part of our community.


The following is a list of volunteer jobs that need filled for the LUGs resource project. If there is a project, or something you'd like to do that isn't on this list, please don't hesitate to contact us. If interested, please email

Staff Writers Responsible for writing articles and covering LUG events. Other projects include writing documentation and HOWTOs for organizing meetings, events, and giving presentations (presentation material).
LUG Representatives Responsible for submitting news, and reports on area LUG events. Wil l be assigned either to state, or country (for non US & Canada LUGs)
LUG Graphic Artist Would like to provide graphics help for LUGs designing websites and event banners. Also will help with community banner ads, and occasional graphics work.
Event Coordinators Responsible for assisting LUGs with event planning, and providing liason services between LUGs, speakers, and vendors to help plan events and meetings. Type of LUG consultant.
Vendor Liason Responsible for coordinating and maintaining our vendor resources lists. Working with vendors to host vendor sponsored resources under


There are as many (if not more) ways for vendors and sponsors to get involved with LUGs worldwide through Most direct would be assistance by sponsoring (employment) of any of our volunteers so that they can provide part-time or full-time assistance with the site. Some other roles are listed below, however if you have any other projects or roles you'd like to assist with, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please contact

Sponsors doesn't use site sponsors. The only way we can maintain our neutrality is to stay focused on providing LUGs with resources they need, instead of advertising, financial sponsorship, etc of the site as a whole. Instead, individual sponsors, or project sponsors are used. For example, if you would like to provide services to maintain the HOWTOs, or another project, your company could sponsor that project.
Event Hosts LUGs need locations to hold their meetings and events. You could provide these locations in your area(s), or sponsor funds to help LUGs host their events at commercial locations.
Speaker Sponsors LUG meetings and events often like to have speakers come to visit them. As most LUGs don't have budgets, sponsors are often required to pay expenses for the travelling speaker.
LUG Speakers Your staff members, technical leaders, etc. are always welcome at LU G meetings. If you would like to be a speaker for a LUG meeting, please let us k now.

If you would like to submit your vendor information for the LUGs vendor list, please include the following:

  • Company Name
  • Company Contact
  • Company Contact email
  • Company Contact telephone
  • Type of business
  • Types of services you can provide to LUGs

Please send the above information to - Search

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