About | Home | Contact | Vendors | Help LUGs | Sponsors LAFIX was started as an independant project branching from a previous LUGs resource project in September of 2000. Originally this LUG Resource Project was started with in May of 1999.

This project is being headed up by Kara Pritchard, a member of the LUG community since late 1995. Kara's husband, Steven, started the Linux Users of Southern Illinois ( in September 1994. Together, they have since founded the Linux Users of Central Illinois ( in 1997, and have begun to work locally with multiple chapters of SILUG and the St Louis Linux SIG ( Steven also runs the Springfield Perl Mongers ( and participates in the St. Louis Perl Mongers (

The goal of the LUGs Resource Project is to bring all the resources necessary for LUGs to be successful. We hope to continue being a centralized liason between the LUG community and its vendors, as well as provide content materials for hosting meetings, events, and more.

Since the LUG Resource Project began, we have managed to bring together LUGs all over the world to host group events, sponsor group projects and more. The growth and stability of our LUG community has stemmed from the participation and contribution of LUG volunteers and supporting sponsors.

If you would like more information about the LUG Resource Project, would like to become involved in the project, or have other inquiries, contact Kara. - Search

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