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I am frequently asked what all different LUGs and LUG events I'm involved in on a regular basis. In response, some people have suggested I start keeping a LUG diary. So, here it is. Enjoy!

12/16/00 Today I held a LUGs Holiday Party in my home. Despite the dreadful weather (we had 12+ inches of snow in the previous hours) we still had 25 people from the various chapters of SILUG, LUCI, and StL-LUG to entertain. The food was good, the company even better, and luckily our friends travelling from as far away as Chicago made it home safely :-) Happy Holidays.
12/27/00 With the holidays abreast, LUG events have been slow. Nosing around today, I've found that Jeff Alami has posted a new LUGs article on, and they've even found another volunteer to work on their ongoing LUGs coverage. I'm anticipating the release of the new LinuxUsersGroups site next week and I'm looking forward to all the extra work it will bring.
12/28/00 I've decided today, that even if I never really got in the spirit of Christmas, it looks like our vendor friends have. Yesterday I received a very handy metal luggage tag from Penguin Computing, which is a very good thing, since I've been needing one for my latest addition to my travel suite. Today I received a round tin can that I feared would have those horrid snakes pop out if I opened it. Instead inside was nestled Rupert the Space Monkey, sent from the team of space monkeys at Helix Code. Anyhow, I think it's great that LUGs all over the world are getting these suprises from our vendor friends. - Search

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