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Feature: LinuxFund LUG Program, by Kara Pritchard
Wednesday, June 13, 2001, 5:07 PM

PORTLAND, OR- June 12, 2001- has introduced its new Linux User Group (LUG) project that supports open source projects while allowing the LUGs to earn extra revenue. The project allows LUGs to make money by selling the MBNA MasterCard to its members. A group can earn $30 per approved application made by its members.

The Portland Linux/Unix Group (PLUG), headed by David Mandel, masterminded this project as a way to help LUGs fund incidental expenses. PLUG is the first LUG to support the project.

The program attempts to reverse the trend of LUG members and officers using personal funds to subsidize the groups.

"Active LUG members provide a service to the community," Mandel said. "It shouldn't cost them money to do so." asks that each participating LUG places a link to the credit card application at the bottom of their LUG mailing list e-mails, as well as on their websites. The increase in credit card applications will allow to award more grants that support open source projects. Each Linux User Group will collect a quarterly check based on the number of received and approved credit-worthy applications. raises money by purchases made on the Mastercard, then uses the money to fund various open source projects. The groupstrongly encourages the submission of new projects through online means so it can award the most interesting projects. To join its LUG program visit website at For more information concerning the or to submit a project please visit the website at or call (503) 892-3333. - Search

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